Sunday, November 12, 2006

To Veil or not to Veil

I want to hear from other women why they veil at mass, or why not. I personally started to veil some years ago but felt so conspicuous that I stopped. I asked many priests why women no longer veiled and I was always met with the same answer...."Oh it was cultural, you don't need to!!" The trouble was I always felt the tug to veil, yet I couldn't explain it. I have found the same tug at mass with Eurcharistic ministers, alter girls and certain music. I find this interesting because I reverted in a Charismatic climate, where the norm was to get as many lay people on the alter as possible, and everyone needed to be able to be involved physically in the mass. Why then did I feel something was missing. Why did I hear of the Holy of Holy's and ponder such reverence in awe. Why was I made to feel wrong when I didn't want and emotional experience at mass? Why could I not feel what the others felt? I think my soul was seeking tradition, and the beauty of traditions. Traditions and postures reflect ones attitude towards God, what is our attitude these days in most church's? Why will a priest give a homily making fun of veiled women, yet welcome with open arms any ill clad women to serve on the sacred alter? And why is it that I am seen as radical? These are my pondering of the day.